Folk Festivals and Events in Sussex

Approximate Date

Festival Event

Approx Duration

23rd-25th, 29th April-3rd May

Hastings Jack-In-The-Green Exhibition

10 days

1st May Bank Holiday weekend

Hastings Jack-In-The-Green Festival

4 days

Weekend in May

Lewes Folk Rock Festival

2 days

An Afternoon In May

East Sussex Schools Traditional Dance Festival

1/2 day

End of June Weekend

Crawley Folk and Beer Festival

3 days

June or July

Shoreham Folk Festival

2 days

July/August weekend

Eastbourne Lammas Festival

2 days

Usually August

Nyodema Annual Festival

1 day

End of September Weekend

Southdowns Folk Festival

3 days

Early Weekend in October

Lewes Folk Festival

3-4 days

Sussex Folk Association: Folk Festivals and Events in Sussex

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