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The information on the site is based upon information available to us at the time each page was created or modified and has been put there in good faith. It is quite possible that an error has crept in or that some or all of the details may have changed without our knowledge. We accept no responsibility or liability for the results of any reliance placed on it (e.g. physical or financial loss, disappointment, negligence, injury or other damage, etc). Any person, product, organisation or activity listed or described by the site may not be regarded as having been endorsed or recommended in any way.

Before visiting a group or attending an event, check that it is at the expected venue at the expected time. Note many clubs do not meet during holidays, or on dates that clash with special events. Some events may require the purchase of tickets beforehand. It is the responsibility of the user of this site to verify any published details (e.g. times, venue, cost, event type etc) that they wish to rely on, with the organisation directly responsible for the activity/service described. Many of the activities involve physical exertion and it is the responsibility of the user of the site to determine the degree of exertion required and relate it to their state of health.

Any external links are provided in good faith to sites independant of SusFA and SusFA cannot be held responsible for their content. It is possible that the link may no longer point to the content intended.

If you spot an error please inform us and we will correct it as quickly as we can.

Basically if there's any possibility of us being sued over any issue by anyone, it is their responsibility to ensure that that situation did not arise in the first place.

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