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Copyright Statement & Policy

Each page has a link to this copyright statement that covers both its content and format. Any trademarks on the website are the property of their respective owners. The copyright of the content and format of each page unless stated otherwise on the page and of the website in its entirety belongs or must be assumed to belong to SusFA and John Douglas. This means that though the copyright of materials supplied to us may lie elsewhere, it should not be assumed that our use of the material means that the material is in the Public Domain.

It is possible that materials appearing on this site will also appear on other sites where groups have supplied materials to us. The research for this site and many photographs and graphics are supplied by John Douglas (webmaster). He is included independantly of his role in SusFa as he reserves his right to use those materials on other sites (e.g. International Folk Dancing).

Material Supplied for use on this site

For the sake of simplicity, any information/photos etc. that are provided for use on this site will be accepted on the basis that we have implicit permission to use it for the purpose it was intended without explicitly identifying the source. Similarly logos, devices and other badges that are associated with a group will not be specfically acknowledged if in context and clearly associated with the appropriate group.

If, for materials supplied to us, specific copyright requires to be acknowledged or retained, then it is the responsiblity of the doner to ensure that this is made clear to us.

It should be noted that text supplied to us may be modified to suit the needs of the site (e.g. layout, optimisation). In order for people to find your data on the site amoungst over eight billion (and growing) websites, we often have to use clear and repetitive language.

Accidental Breach of Copyright by this website

In the event that we have mistakenly included copyrighted materials on the site, then on being contacted by the copyright holder, we will as soon as possible either add any requested copyright statements or remove the offending material. In the event of any error/omission please let us know. We reserve the right to be human and make mistakes.

Copyrighted Material used with permission

Where the copyright is explicitly retained by the owner and made clear to us, then the content should be accompanied by a ' owner' statement on the page. The copyright owner has given permission for the use of their material and we believe we have met any conditions attached to the use.

Sussex Folk Association's Copyright Statement and Policy

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