Downsway Playford Club

Goring, Worthing Borough

3rd & 5th Tuesdays 8.00-10.00pm
St Lawrence Church Hall, Sea Place, Goring, Worthing

Downsway Playford Club came into existence in April 1980. It was the brainchild of Dick Playll, the Chairman of Sussex District of EFDSS, and was specifically formed for Dick Reed to teach advanced Playford dances (as the name implies!). In those days, and for many years after, we were fortunate to have the regular services of The Sussex Bonny Men – Jim and Frances Hoare on fiddle and keyboard respectively and Don Curtis on piano accordion. Sadly age, deafness and arthritis all took their toll and we now have to rely on recorded music.

Following Dick Reed’s death in 2008, the club has been in the capable hands of John Portlock, assisted by Jim Hoare and Maureen Reed.

We moved from the premises in Downsway, Southwick, to St. Laurence’s Church Hall, Goring when the original hall was demolished to make way for housing.

We meet on the 3rd and 5th Tuesday in each month, starting at 8pm and finishing at 10pm. Currently the charge is just £2 a session. No special footwear is required although “comfortable” usually seems to fit the bill.

Dances are from the mid 17th century to the present day but always in the Playford style. While most dancers are fairly experienced, we always welcome newcomers who can be sure of a helping hand where necessary.

Why not come along and give us a try?

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