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Square the Circle Folk Dance Band

We are established musicians who have all previously played in other folk bands, with many years experience of folk music and dance in Sussex. The band normally consists of four musicians and a caller as follows :-

Square the Circle Folk Dance Band logo

Sally, our leader, plays accordion and, sometimes harp, piano or flute. After a lifetime of sharing music with others, she gets particular pleasure from playing for dancers.

Bryan, our guitarist, ran his first folk club 41 years ago! He promotes the band by managing our publicity and also looks after the P/A system and the electrics.

Eileen, our fiddle player. After playing in a local classical orchestra for several years Eileen, rediscovered a love of folk music. She plays light classical music in a 'palm court orchestra', folk music in a quartet and is the music organiser for a folk orchestra.

Peter. Peter's main instrument is flute, but he also plays a bit of penny whistle, guitar, banjo, saxophone & does a bit of improvisation on piano He's been in the resident band for a folk club and played flute and keyboard for a local rock-band.

Our caller, who will be the MC at your event, will be drawn from a number of callers who we have used over many years - they are all very experienced and will ensure that your event run smoothly.

The Music of The Square The Circle Folk Dance Band

You'll hear us playing traditional music of the British Isles and North America but where appropriate more recent music is used. We are constantly expanding our range and cater for dancers of all ages and abilities. Our aim is to make everybody want to dance and keep dancing right to the end of the evening! Click here to find samples of Our Music.

Rates, Other Information, and Contacts

Rates are negotiable. To hear our music, see our photographs, and contact us electronically, visit the website of the Square the Circle Folk Dance Band. To discuss your requirements and how we can help make your event a success, please phone Sally Course on Square the Circle Folk Dance telephone.

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