Kate's Kitchen Band

Kate's Kitchen Band is a vibrant nine piece band, providing a variety of music for social dance and listening. We are guaranteed to get your foot tapping! We play a lot of good tunes, some that are rarely heard in dance bands, plus some fresh arrangements of some of good tried and trusted standards. Our musical influence and experience spans many years and includes, Traditional Folk, Contemporary Folk, Jazz and Morris Dancing. Many of the band also play regularly as part of The Brighton Morris' "Big Band.

Ian Lamb is our highly experienced caller and has easy and inspiring ways of getting people up on the dance floor.

The band comprises Fiddles. Melodeons, Flute and Whistles, Acoustic Double Bass, Percussion. Mandolins and Guitars. We also have some fine singers!

We are available now for Barn Dances, Ceilidhs, Parties, Clubs and Festivals! Give us a call and we will get you dancing!

For contact details, photos,and more information see the website for the Kate's Kitchen Band.

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