Flying Toads

Pulborough, Horsham District

flying toads band

The Flying Toads are an experienced barndance/ceilidh band based in Pulborough available for pubs/clubs, concerts, festivals, weddings, ceilidhs and barn dances. They work with an excellent caller and have a large portfolio of dances suitable for both beginners and experts alike.

The Toads are a multi-instrumental band playing inventive arrangements of Irish music. They originally met through playing in some of the Irish sessions in the UK and Ireland and share a deep respect for traditional Irish music. Being a four piece band and each playing several instruments, the Toads focus on arrangements that explore the best blending of sounds and dynamics, as well as choosing tunes that are exciting to both dance and listen to.

Visit the website of the Flying Toads for more information about their band and their latest CD ("In Stitches"), as well as news, photographs, audio and video clips, and reviews.

Band lineup

Erik: Uilleann Pipes/Flute/Tin Whistle
Brian: Fiddle/Cittern

Val: Concertina/Banjo/Vocals
Keith: Bouzouki/Banjo/Vocals

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