Brighton Taverners

Irish, Scottish and English folk, barn dances, tea dances and cabaret

A function band with over thirty years experience offering a mixture of guitars, keyboards/drums, bass, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, flute and pipes.

Their specialities includes barn dances where they can provide the well-known and popular barn dances with tuition, as well as providing entertainment between the dances with songs and comedy.

They are popular at wedding parties where they can mix the traditonal folk music with mainstream pop, jazz, blues, swing and ballroom, to cater to all tastes.

Tea dances are catered for by a duo playing modern keyboards. The repertoire covers a wide range of ballroom dances which are eminently suitable for a tea dance or an evening of ballroom dancing.

They can also offer line-ups for themed evenings such as line dancing, 60/70s hits, romance, and even a caberet evening in the old style. This last includes comedy and musical songs ranging from Gilbert and Sullivan, old-time music hall, Edwardian monologue, through to radio and film entertainers such as George Formby, Noel Coward, Tommy Cooper and finishing with Flanders and Swann

For more information, details of the musicians, photographs and audio clips of them in action, and how to book them, visit the website of the Brighton Taverners.

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