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We are not a Square Dancing site, so the links below represent sites that hopefully have or point to the resources you are after. If you know of any local Square Dance Resources please let us know.

UK Square and Rounds Dancing - Home of the BAASDC

The British Association of American Square Dance Clubs (BAASDC) is the organisation of square dance clubs throughout the UK. It contains a country wide directory of clubs, events listings, videos, and other resources.

Square Dance Callers Club of Great Britain (SDCCGB)

The S.D.C.C.G.B. exists to improve square dancing in Great Britain and aim to recruit, promote, and maintain the square dance activity, and to provide education and guidance to square dance callers, round dance cuers and dance leaders.

CALLERLAB - International Association of Square Dance Callers

This was created in 1971 to collect and organise the various 'calls' in use throughout America in order to establish standardization for calls and provide adequate training for callers. It defines programs of dance that are recognized throughout the world as the standard, allowing dancers to go anywhere and be assured of being able to dance the program(s) they have learned.

American Square Dances of The West & Southwest

An online copy of an instruction book published in 1949 with calls, instructions, diagrams, steps and sheet music.

Curlie Open Directory Project - Square Dancing

Categorised websites covering Square dance

Curlie Open Directory Project - United Kingdom Square Dance

Categorised websites covering United Kingdom Square Dance

List of Square Dance Clubs Outside Sussex

If you want a mention in this list, please first mention 'American Square Dance in Sussex - Sussex Folk Association (SusFA)' on your page before making your request.


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